Good Morning

The first day of school after Spring break, struggling to get out of bed,

I made it out of my house and finally, I’m here at school.

My mind races, trying to mentally organise my day before the children arrive.

The clock strikes 7:30 am.

A smile miraculously spreads over my lips, my mind descends from the mountain of thoughts, my heart swiftly presents herself in the present.

The door opens and a beautiful familiar face appears-

“Good morning, Ms. TK”.

The warm-heartedness in the greeting does the magic my spirit needs!

8 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. “my mind descends from the mountain of thoughts”

    This is a perfect metaphor. Sometimes we need to get down from that mountain, pause to take a breath, and get ourselves in gear. A perfect slice to start the week TK!

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  2. These moments are when the true MAGIC of teaching show up. I don’t believe people in other professions can so swiftly put others in front and center like a switch. Those students are lucky to have a teacher who can put her heart in the present for them.

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