My Neighbour’s Garden

My dear neighbour adores plants. Ranging from flowers to vegetables, she keeps herself busy all year round to give life to them.

Her morning and/or evening routine primarily involves her watering the plants, stirring the soil,cleaning some of the leaves, picking out dead leaves and occasionally changing the position of some pots depending on the weather.

The sunlight must just be right.

In her organic vegetable garden, the same tender love is spread.

You’ll have some craving for food when you see the beautiful lettuces, peppers, spring onions, cocoyam leaves and tomatoes(depending on the season) that grow.

It’s always a joy to watch her tend her garden and also enjoy some of the produce.

Mother nature says thank you, Aunt Lydia, for your love!

9 thoughts on “My Neighbour’s Garden

  1. Oh Auntie Lydia! You can tell a lot about a person looking at their garden. You are lucky to enjoy both her garden and her from your home. The photos added an extra visual beyond your description. I’ll think of Lydia next time it rains.

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  2. Your slices are always so tranquil and I appreciate how you celebrate both individual people and your surroundings. Thanks for sharing a bit of green goodness today. It’s especially nice to imagine with snow still blanketing most of the ground outside my window.

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