Another year has arrived and blessed us with the gift of the month of March. Another opportunity to share the big and small events in my life through the power of purposeful writing.

As I take this challenge I look forward to the many motivating stories that this writing community brings. Ready? Maybe, not! One thing I know for sure is that I am motivated enough to join.

Today, my Sunday fufu ( Ghanaian food made from pounded cassava and plantain)  supper ritual was disrupted today due to a “kitchen” hitch. The palm nut soup which was to serve as the accompanying dish was unfortunately left on the stove the night before. It never made its way inside the fridge. 

Long story short, my well planned, highly nutritious palm soup got spoilt. My frustration was from the energy and time-consuming preparation gone waste A lot went into getting it all set and done.

The “mama” in me managed to make supper special with a substitute dish. It definitely wasn’t our Sunday special fufu, but it did bring satisfaction and joy to hungry stomachs.

 I have made a mental note to myself for next week…


6 thoughts on “Today

  1. I think it is very graceful that you call it a “kitchen hitch” and that you moved into a creative solution right away. I have been surprised to find a dish or a pot of soup left on the stove. Why don’t they just beep when they are cooled down enough, to signal us to come carry them to the refrigerator, I wonder? 🙂


  2. Sometimes the best laid plans are hitched by the little things. It may not have been what you wanted to serve, but I bet those hungry stomach thought it manna from heaven regardless. The fufu and palm suit will be even more delicious next week for the anticipation.


  3. Dear Tk , You have been missed..sorry about the soup
    PS: Let’s take our forgetfulness in a positive stride because we also forget the problems.

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