Mothers’ Day

This post was originally written to celebrate the women in my life on International Women’s Day…I have revised it to acknowledge some more strong women forces in life.

Seven years of nurturing new lives, raising resilient and tenacious children who understand and appreciate who they are and where they come from. Having a great value for their culture and what this might mean to them. A deep reflection about this on this important day makes me want to sing the praises of the women in my life who are holding my hand in this quest.

First, there is my mother.

An industrious entrepreneur who knows the price of hard work so the mouths of her children and countless others will be fed. There is zero tolerance for laziness in her world. She inspires me to wake up every morning to get to work to do what ought to be done not only for myself but out of responsibility for my children and society. This woman epitomises the word forgiveness and has the kindest heart I could ever dream or wish for. In the business of her own life, her deepest joy bursts from her ability to give back to society and serve others in need. 

My big sister O. Who is my greatest teacher of giving. Sacrificial and a dependable rock.A first-time mother who is giving out her heart and soul to be the best! 

Little sister K…optimist. My inspiration to never give up in my quest to take action in society. A true change-maker!

My amazing mother-in-law (G) and auntie in-law (P). Always available to support me on days I need a helping hand with my children (their grandchildren)  with such love, kindness, compassion and joy. Like this very moment as I write.

To my aunties..Mama, F( who has blessed me with 9 months of her life taking care of my little ones) and G( helping me find work that puts food on the table and providing me shelter in her home). 

To my amazing neighbours who bring me nothing countless blessings. 

To my cousins, girlfriends, colleagues, Sunday school teachers who are exuding love from within and without. Doing your own magic with your children both far and near-you are precious!

To all the women I see daily on the streets of Ghana, with babies strapped lovingly and solidly behind- carrying goods so they can make ends meet and yet pause in the business of their rough day to sing their children songs of comfort to ease their pain.

 I salute you!

To the single mothers out there. Thank you for your sacrifices.

You are the reason I am gliding!

2 thoughts on “Mothers’ Day

  1. Wow! Thank you so much for such an amazing write up. You are one person that inspires me alot. I do admire you alot and pray the good Lord protects and grant you long life to keep bringing positive change into people’s lives. Wishing the very best and a glorious Mother’s Day TK.

    God bless you🙏


  2. Thank you my dear daughter. Am very much proud of you and appreciate your love and care. God bless you and give you strength to take care of your children.
    Your Mum.


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