Mothers’ Day- Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants

Today being mothers’ day, I have chosen to celebrate and pay homage to some outstanding ladies who have made me the phenomenal mother I am today.

When my husband and I started having children, our mothers were in the active labour force. So we decided to have support and help from external sources. 

Getting closer to my return to work after maternity leave, I  was yet to find a caregiver for my little one as there was a last-minute disappointment.

I was devastated. Confused. I cried. 

To my joy, my mother waved a magic wand. For 3 months, I had my Aunt Florence come in to help my young family as I navigated life as a new mother and full-time worker. She did this for all my three children hence, giving me 9 months of her life with so much love, patience and immeasurable commitment.

This story can not be complete without mentioning my dear Asor. She saw me through my days as a graduate student with my 6-month-old baby saddled at my back on a university campus. She held me through that period with grace and care for my little one. Allowing me to complete my Masters’ program as we shared the responsibilities of babysitting. I made it through my program. And I made it big! In the next 6 years that followed ( including welcoming my second and third child)  she also pursued her academic goals and just like me, continued to support the children whenever she could. Her organised nature helped establish the routines my children have. She showed so much love and care to my little ones and for all she’s done, we are eternally grateful.

There is also my dear Nana Ama, who came in when I was pregnant with my third child and through to her birth.  She cared for me so I could in turn nurse my new baby with a sound mind. A fantastic lady she was. So gentle, so patient and simply a sweet soul.  Her unique ways with the children are worth noting ( the special powder games and walks). She attended to my little ones and also pursued her educational dreams ( in the field of pharmacy) in between. Her warmth remains always with us.

Lizzie came in the middle of chaos….without any preparations, but she did it! She exuded so much joy, fun and wittiness! An intelligent girl who just loved to play “school’ with my three children. The laughter and structure she brought are commendable. The short walks and the songs are all cherished. She too continues her education at the university.

And there is Grace, the chief gardener herself! She thought me the rudiments of gardening and shared so many stories with the children She loved to play school as well and also made the children help with the chores. She was with the family at the start of the Covid-pandemic, amidst my new adventure with online learning. Together, we carved out a system that best worked for the family. She is a fashion designer in the making!

The story cannot be complete without, Judith- my very own Ms Speedy Gonzales. You came at a very difficult time-online learning, the strong structure was needed and you rocked it! Thank you, Judith!

Ewura-you are remembered too! Thank you for all the treats you shared with my babies.

To Mavis, my dearest caterer, football player, choreographer and all the beauty that comes with it, we are so glad you were a part of this family. Congratulations on your academic journey!

This adulation will never be made complete without appreciating the one who has held the chord and connected the lines through the transitions and the confusion. My one and only cousin, Mary. Words fail me in finding the right words to say thank you for always being there when I needed you most. You’re irreplaceable!

May God bless you ladies for making me the remarkable mother I am today. May you receive this same support and love a thousandfold whenever you need help too.

Happy mothers’ day !!!!!! May God remember all mothers with giants on whose shoulders they will stand to raise their children.

And his mother treasured up all these things in her heart.” – Luke 2:51

8 thoughts on “Mothers’ Day- Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants

  1. Happy mother’s day my amazing sister, may God continue to bring wonderful people into our lives on whose shoulders we can always stand on🙏🙏🙏


  2. This is beautiful and it’s good remember and be thankful 🙏🏾. Happy Mother’s Day to the beautiful TK.


  3. Happy Mother’s Day to a beautiful daughter and a mother.
    It’s good to always remember where you are coming from. God bless you.


  4. Happy mother’s day day Tk. You deserve the best and I’m happy you got the support of these amazing women. Their good works will surely follow them.


  5. TK this is a great testimony to you too, mother supreme, for appreciating and encouraging these ladies as they shared a bit of their lives in your warmth. Your children are blessed to have so much love and variety, this leaves a huge imprint on them forever.


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