This slice is inspired by a conversation between my good friend and colleague during our grade level planning time today. The realisation hit us on the many decisions made in our day to day lives as teachers. Do you identify with any of these?

The decisions I made today included but not limited to…

Bringing back to normalcy a class when a stray bug lands on an unexpecting student’s ear….

Our dear lady suddenly remembers an unresolved conflict with a girlfriend and starts sobbing in the middle of a math problem-

“S” opens her lunch box and gives a loud cry for help,-mum did not pack the ‘right’ lunch-

A sudden uproar at the foul smell that emanates from nowhere –

Our young gentleman irked by my inability to call on him to give the answer-

…And the many more happenings within the day which have not been chronicled here

5 thoughts on “Decisions

  1. So true! Teachers dance between the events of the day. When do we have the time to reflect on the decisions we make? For me, it usually happens as I try to close my eyes and sleep. Life is all about the decisions we make everyday. Thanks for sharing some of the events of the day…I’d love to know how you handled each situation

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  2. “Our young gentleman irked by my inability to call on him to give the answer” This is my daily issue! When I call the student on his inability to give others a chance, he responds. “but I knew the answer!”


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