Red Shoes

I have never been very adventurous with regards to my footwear. On a typical “TK-day,”, I would be found wearing a wedge, a flat or a block shoe.

Today, I decided to give myself a little nudge by wearing a red high-top lace-up canvas sneakers with my African print dress. In as much as I wanted to be daring, I still lacked some inner confidence to look a little different from my regular appearance.

I, therefore, settled on wearing my everyday shoes with the hope of changing into my red lace-up sneakers once I got to work.

I must say that my little ones asked that I wear it for the day and I had every good intention to heed their advice.

Once at work, I managed to convince myself to put them on and just wait….

My confirmation came through my dearest friend and colleague, Akua, who with her “ooh’s’’ and “aah’s” gave me the nerves I needed for the day.

The rest is history now, as I’m considering getting myself two more bold colours of sneakers.


11 thoughts on “Red Shoes

  1. I’m sorry I missed them. I like the way you coined TK Day. This is a great mentor text for inner dialogue. To the viewer, we only see the red shoes, you take us inside and give us the behind the shoe story.

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